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Most people think you make money in real estate when you SELL a piece of property.


As Professional Investors and Brokers we feel that is only when you take your profits.

You MAKE money in real estate when you BUY it at the right price and terms!


In Real Estate each economic cycle offers an opportunity for growth.

Our team of industry experts have a focused discipline on acquiring profits and wealth through

the acquisition of real estate assets. Through appreciation of those assets, cash flow,

revenue management and dispositionof those assets, many of our investors

have enjoyed double digit returns for double digits of years!

In the good times our expertise helps greatly in efficiency and time management.

During the times when everyone is running from "the markets" Luxury Homes and its affiliated
are running to the opportunities that industry cycles offer to those
who have the knowledge and expertise and therefore are prepeared.

Through foresight and preparation, our highly skilled team has the knowledge, skills, and resources

necessary to help you thrive in the ever evolving marketplaces.



23+ years of identifying great opportunities and negotiating great deals for everyone involvedin our deals.


Proven track records of success for over 2+ DECADES!


THOUSANDS of Satisfied Customers!

Luxury Homes and its affiliated companies have relationships with a network of real estate asset selling
including brokers, banks, lenders, quasi-government agencies, regulators,
attorneys, asset managers, and institutional intermediaries.

Our size and flexibility allows our deal sourcing experts are able to accommodate individual
buyers and sellers, as well as large and small investors/investment groups alike.


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