Buying a residence and/or an investment property is usually the single largest investment most people will make

in their entire life, therefore it is important to purchase it for the right price and terms!


We have successfully helped thousands of people over the last 20+ years from 1st time buyers,

corporate relocations, new construction builders, move up/move down buyers,

and HUNDREDS of seasoned investors acquire property.

We feel it is imperative to have an experienced, detail orientated agent/team

managing your transaction from beginning to end!

Many people "know people in real estate" or have a relative who "has a real estate license", we can assure you

just because you know them or are related to them, and they have a license does NOT mean

they have the knowledge and experienceto represent you the best way possible!  

Unfortunately many times they fail to mention that they are not qualified

becasue they don't want to pass up the money!

If a deal is really a deal/steal, it can be very difficult to actually get it CLOSED!

There's usually a reason it is still around.

(and there will most likely be multiple people bidding on it)

Many times it's just ONE wrong move/comment and your deal is gone to the next guy in line!
(which fortunately for you, is US!)


To locate FORECLOSED or DISTRESSED properties or for any CONSTRUCTION scenarios


and give us:

1. The TYPE of property you are looking for (single family, condo, Apt. bldg, Office Bldg, etc.)

2. AREA(s) that you are interested in.

3. The PRICE RANGE (or payment range) that you are looking for.

4. DOWNPAYMENT – How much money do you have for down payment AND closing costs.

5. CREDIT - You can get your ACTUAL mortgage credit score at:

6.  Contact Info - Day and Evening Phone #'s