Whether doing short term fix-n-flips, long term rentals, renovating properties, or developing land,
we have a formula that works, and we receive many leads that come in on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

One of our specialties for the last 18 years has been foreclosures and distress sales.
We work with residential and commercial properties that have gone through many scenarios including
but not limited to foreclosure, bankruptcy, death, divorce, natural disasters, fire, and just plain 'ole liquidation.

Just like any other investments, it is extremely important to work with someone who has first-hand

knowledge and experience with not just brokering deals, but actual investment experience!

We have come across many so called "specialists" and "experts",  who were leading their clients down the path

that was most profitable for THEM (the broker), not for their clients.

We want you to be happy with the returns and the process, so you will continue to do business with us

in the future, and of course refer us to your friends and family as a trusted real estate investment advisor.

We listen, and carefully analyze and qualify each individual investor or investment group individually.

It is important to match not just the prices and areas of a property, but the time frames,

risk tolerances, amounts of fix-up, maintenance, management, and time

that is wanting to be put into getting to a specific goal/objective.

We work directly with individuals, companies, banks, attorneys, and trustees to work up a scenario

that is fair and efficient for everyone involved.  In some cases, the sales are a sensitive transaction,

and we want to be sure that all parties involved feel that their needs/wants are being respectfully considered,

as  we would want someone to feel about our wants/needs.

To locate FORECLOSED or DISTRESSED properties:


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